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Bali is a paradise in it’s own self. It is not only a place but more than that; it is a mood, a cherished desire and to fulfil that desire just visit this wonderful place.

Bali is an Island and province of Indonesia. It is a popular tourist destination known for it’s highly developed arts, sculpture ,music etc. The essence of Bali and The Balinese of course the very generous and genuinely warm people, are what takes Bali sheer delight to the next level.

One island with many destinations. On Bali , starting with loud and frenetic Kuta and Legian or Seminyak where beach days never end. Ubud  is spiritual awakenings also the heart of Bali, accessed with the culture of the island and most beautiful rice fields and ancient monuments. To make this tour worthwhile must visit to the North and West Bali for surfing and diving. Best Time to go May–June.

If you are considering going here , just pull the trigger and go you won’t regret it. Explore your travel dream alone or with your family.


Bora Bora is infinite shades of blue. An amazing place which will spellbound you with it’s fascinating surroundings.

Starting with the  geographical description, Bora Bora is an island in the Leeward group of the society island of French Polynesia, an “overseas country” financially assisted by France in the Pacific Ocean. The island located about 230Km northwest of Papeete , is surrounded by an aquamarine lagoon and barrier reef.

The small island of Bora Bora overflows With Beauty. One must explore this natural beauty instead of spending all time in a hotel room, and should go out and meet the friendly locals, must know a little about the culture and language of island. Explore Vaitape (Bora Bora’s quaint town).

Apart from the hush night life , you can become adventurous and go for sports like Swimming, Snorkelling, Scuba diving , Hiking to Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu more.

Bora Bora is often known to be a peaceful and one of the most romantic island. A perfect place to make memories and live a romantic vacation with your partner.


The ultimate shopping bonanza is here! Dubai Shopping Festival 2018, also known as a shopper’s paradise, is here to let you experience the ultimate shopping delights. This year, this fabulous shopping event is scheduled to be held from 26th December 2017 to 28th January 2018. This is the time to lay your hands on huge discounts and amazing deals, competition and prizes. One of the favorite pastimes of the Emirates, you too can enjoy this shopping festival in the grandest way ever.

Dubai Shopping Festival is also the recipient of Guinness World Records. One of the longest running festival, it comprises of irresistible deals, starry performances and lots of amazing events. DSF has something in store for everyone, ranging from fashion flash mobs to live raffle drawings. Besides all this, this festival is also accompanied by spectacular fireworks, one of its hallmarks. The fun doesn’t stop there, however. When you happen to be exploring the old souks or the glamorous modern malls, you will come across numerous ways of saving and winning money and other prizes during the course of the festival. You could also choose to try your luck at one of the daily raffles with prizes that offer visitors the opportunity of winning cash and cars.

Dubai is a place for everyone. From old ones to young ones , everyone can find there respective spots of enjoyment.  Between November and April when the weather cools down, it offers various adventure activities  on land, water and in the air as well. If you are adventurous enough, dubai is the land for you because it has got :

Mountain Biking

If you think that dubai has got soft dunes and dust then I will say that you need to update your knowledge. Between the Ras-al-Khaimah emirate and Oman there is a maze road within the Hajar mountains in the east of the dubai, an organization of exile mountain bikers has maintained and discovered this wild route around the showka area , containing  narrow path with wadi beds. With steep and rough route, track is difficult and not suitable for novices, but it as an awaited challenge for experienced riders.

You can get a bike on rent from Sheikh Zayed road. Good luck bikers!

Off- Roading

Gravel plains , sand dunes and wadi beds are the necessary characterstics for the off road adventure terrain that are found in Dubai. If you want a stomach churning dune bashing bumpy ride then you must reach Al Quoz or Sheikh Zayed road and be ready to experience drivers treat and teer up the steep sands for few hours.

Desert Camping:

At the city’s outskirts you can find the giant campside . it is the favourite sport of localites to throw their gear in a 4×4 and go towards the nearest set of dunes.

From Dubai to Hatta road you will find Shwaib that is a good camping spot where you can reach within couple of hours and enjoy your evening beneath the star with barbecue. You can found wadi beds and mountains around you and can explore it next day or you can practice dune sports such as sand boarding.

Sky Diving

Dubai is a beautiful place and known for its architecture , man-made islands and desert. The best way to experience the view of these landmarks is by jumping out of a Cessna and rush towards the ground.

Jumpers take off from Dubai Marina and tumble out of the pane above the Palm Jumeirah for a free fall and once the parachute opens you can relax and observe the beautiful view.

So tie up your shoes and be ready for a bumpy ride because after reading this Dubai will be on top of your wishlist.



Dubai is a place of great eateries and to be fully satisfied with your trip you need to find a place that suits you . In Dubai you will mostly found Asian and middle eastern dishes as it is a new city  and they don’t have national food, which means you can find Indian to north Korean food in one place.

Dubai is famous for its food and rich lifestyle and in this blog we are going to tell you about some of the best food spots in Dubai.

  • Bu Qtair, near Jumeirah beach

The place is located on sea side and you need to take taxi to reach there. It is famous for deep-fried turmeric fish , Assam curry and rice. In the place you will find mostly localites  as it is a regular dish but it is must try and worthy of your money.

  • Ravi Restaurant, Near Sarwa Roundabout

In Dubai you will get to see many Pakistanis and hence you can find their food as well. Ravi Restaurant is a well renowned place and you will get chicken curry and Prata with proper Pakistani spices.

Indigo by vineet, near Dubai marina

This place is owned by Vineet Bhatia who is first chef to win Michelin star for his restaurants.  You must visit here if you want  to have best Indian food. Vineet is the face of modern Indian food offering  the cultural Indian food  with very well imagined and paired ingredients. It is a must visit place.

  • Pierchic, Al Sufoh Rd

The restaurant has got a romantic location set out at sea and has got a view of only 7-star hotel in the world, BURJ Al Arab. The food theme of the restaurant is sea food  and its specialty is ‘Seabass for two’. It is a a bit costly place but the interior and view is worth of money. At the end of your meal you must have desert ‘Pavlova’ so that you could properly appreciate the place.

  • Al Mallah Restaurant , Dhiyafah Street

The specialty of the restaurant is ‘Chicken Shawarma’. The shawarma is sliced meat which is served 4pm onwards. You can have ‘Shish Tawook’ as well which is like shawarma. The only difference is that it is served in chunks. If you are a meat lover and want plate full of soft meat then you must visit here.

Dubai is a desert which means camel is common there on deserts,  as well as on plates. Yes, camel is one of the main ingredients of many emirati dishes and you can try stuffed camel which is a popular dish and is cheap as well as there are so many camels in the region.

SO, enjoy your meal!





Dubai is famous for its grand structures. It has got ‘the only 7 star hotel in the world’ Burj-al-arab, Burj khalifa, Dubai Marina, infinity tower, Dubai shopping mall and many more. At its first glance you will forget that originally Dubai was a desert and it was rebuilt.


The most famous architecture piece of dubai and the must watch place is burj khalifa that is fine mixture of art, engineering and culture.  It is a 160 storey building, holding the world record of tallest building. Burj is not only an architecture lover paradise but it is an art lover point as well. You can see the splendiferous art from the middle eastern and international artists throughout the building. Burj khalifa contains many record in itself . It has:

World’s highest mosque on 158th floor

Worlds’s highest swimming pool on 76th floor

World’s highest viewing platform on 124th floor and 148th floor

World’s highest restaurant ‘At.mosphere’ at 123rd floor

The pyramid-shapped skyscraper also have fine 900  residences, office suits and the prestigious Armani hotel that will obviously cost way too much.


Dubai is not only about buildings rather it has got various man-made islands such as the Palm islands and the World islands. The Palm Islands are an artificial cluster of islands. It is a series of three islands; Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, which is largest of the three islands. Palm islands are considered as the eighth wonder of the world. All the three island are designed and assembeled in such a way that it looks like a palm tree. There are various resorts here that offers various activities such as dolphin bay, the lost chambers, aquaventure and much more. It is a perfect place to escape the hot weather of dubai and spend some luxurious time.


Dubai has got various eye soothing scenes also such as Jumeirah Beach that makes it worth visiting. It is one of those cities that you cannot help but fall in love with.The glorious jumeirah beach is a white sand beach on which you can have a fun time with your family and friends. The guests of Jumeirah hotel enjoys the water sports of the private beach of the hotel. If you are not a hotel guest then you can enjoy at the public portion of the beach and have barbecue and roam around various café’s. You can play and relax or just grab a mat and lay back and witness the sunset with your loved ones.




Dubai is aMuslim emirate that follows Islam and it is the most liberal emirate in the Middle East. There are few things that you should keep in your mind if you want a trouble-free trip and want to be accepted by Dubai people as follows:

Dress Modestly:

Dubai is a place with hot weather but to escape trouble here are some dressing tips. Wearing short clothes is highly offensive to Emiratis. So men and women should not wear clothes shorter than knees and nothing too tight and revealing. You can keep your short clothes for beaches.

No Public Display of Affection

If you are visiting Dubai especially at the time of Ramadan then you should be more precautious as holding hands, kissing or getting cozy with opposite sex is forbidden and it can lead to arrest and imprisonment also.

Stay Polite

One should stay calm always and everywhere but in Dubai you ‘must’ stay calm to avoid trouble. Don’t use rude language and gestures in public otherwise you can get into some serious issue.

Useful words:

Hello                         –              Ahlah!

Welcome!                –         Marhaban!

Hi!                              –          Salam!

Good Morning          –         Sabah-el-Kheer

Good bye                   –          Ma’a salama

Thank you                  –            Shukran

Yes- Na’am

No- Laa

Open and Closing hours

Like other countries Dubai has got normal opening and closing hours i.e. from 8am to 10 pm. The shopping malls opens at 10am and are closed by 10pm. In UAE the weekend days are Friday and Saturday. Friday is prayer day in UAE and most people have Friday off and it feels like Sunday of India.

Rules of clubbing

There are some interesting laws when it comes to nightclubs as follows- you must not wear sneakers and shorts, clubs are closed down by 03:00 am, below 21 cannot purchase alcohol and at some places below 25 is not allowed in the club

Keep these tips in your mind and have a safe journey. And still if something mishappens then call your travel wizard.

Oceans are beautiful. What makes them more beautiful are the islands which lie on them. One group of such islands are the islands of Maldives which do the makeup work for the great Indian ocean. These islands have the best beaches in the world. Fulhadhoo, Four seasons, Amilla fushi are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives. Lucid lagoon here is as transparent as a clear glass.

From May to November it’s a bit rainy in the Maldives during the southwestern monsoon but it’s still the best time to visit the Maldives because of the best waves, least crowd and low prices at the resorts.

Maldives is in the Asia continent and India, Sri Lanka and Mauritius are its neighboring countries. It takes 4 hours, 34 minutes to reach Maldives from Delhi by flight. Cover this time to have the most beautiful time of your life.

Large marine life, beautiful resorts, and made up of almost 2,000 small islands, Maldives is waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for?






This island country has got three main ingredients that you will find in most of the dishes i.e. coconut, fish and starch made up of grains and Vegetables. No Maldivian dish is complete without them.The Maldivian dishes have got influence from its neighbouring countries- India and Sri Lanka. The rich and spicy curry will make your meal exciting. You must have these local foods to get the true flavours of Maldives.


Gulha is a Maldivian fast food. These are the small balls having a delicious filling of smoked tuna, coconut, curry leaves, onion, ginger, lemon and salt, which is stuffed into dough of coconut and flour. The dough is shaped into balls and then deep fried.


Being Indian ,all of us are familiar with samosas. The bajiyas are in a triangular shape like samosas. But unlike samosas it contains dried fish, curry leaves, curry powder, and onion. These are very popular and are served occassionally.


As told earlier that curries are the speciality of Maldivian food and this won’t be fair if you visit Maldives and don’t have curry. Egg Curry comes next to Fish curry in popularity. It is a daily dish with thick and delicious sauce that delights the palate.


It is also called breadfruit curry that is find within the boundaries of Maldives only. The dish is very common in Maldives but you won’t be able to find it outside,not even the recipe. It is served in two ways either fried or as a curry. So you must have it .


It is a Maldivian fish cake usually made of Tuna and coconut. It is served in restaurant and cafès as short eat and traditional fish cakes are usually spicy.




The clear water of Maldives acts as a magnet for all marine lovers. In the depth of sea you can find the astonishing colourful fishes, variety of marine life and even the world’s largest, the whale shark. And the best part is that the water is so warm that it won’t stop you from exploring the marine. Here is the list of marine activities for you:


Ride in the deep blue ocean and watch the beautiful sea and its creatures. Dinghy ride is all about observing the pretty creature that passes through under your boat. Enjoy the lovely moments of marine world right under your feet.


Maldives is a hub of water sport offering various water species such as tuna and sailfish that would make your fishing time worth spending. The best time for fishing in Maldives is from November to March. So be ready with your hooks and lure.


Bananas are good for health and riding on a banana shaped boat will also benefit you as it will fill you with the thrill and happiness. It is one of the most enjoyable activity of Maldives and is available from April to October.


Maldives is famous for its islands and you can capture a mesmerizing view of these islands by sailing from a distance. Sail in the blue waters of Maldives and fall in love with nature once again.

Tip- Don’t forget to carry your camera because this ride is going to offer you various worth capturing scenes.


Imagine flying a kite in the sky , over the deep blue oceans with soothing winds and lovely view that will touch your soul. You can have this unforgettable experience in Maldives. The best time of this sport is from April to October and keep your eyes wide open and enjoy the thrill.


Underwater sea diving will give you the real peace when you will be under the deep ocean, floating and paddling with your masks and fins and listening to the movement of water. You can have the best of it between January to April .

So be ready marine lovers and rush towards MALDIVES!!




Maldives is a land of islands situated in the Indian ocean famous for blue sea, various reefs and aquatic life. Here you can relax in the following spots:


It is the oldest mosque that you will find in Maldives having beautiful interior and is also called ‘Old Friday Mosque’. The interior contains various patterns on coral stone walls and also the marvelous arabic scripts. You can explore the history of Maldives here.


The museum is situated in the capital of country, Male containing the remarkable artifacts and their story. It was declared as the national museum in the year 2010 and the artifacts were transferred from the old museum to this one.


Maldives is famous for its waterlife and this spot can be called best to discover the Maldivian marine life as it offers rare variety such as whale sharks and Manta Rays as well. You can have the best of water sports here.


As the name says, here you will find a Lange number of Manta Rays. The Manta Rays circle the coral reefs and then cleaned turn by turn. And then they swim to the shallow water and get feed. Here you can also find plankton.


The Alimatha Island is located at the Vaavu atoll , on the eastern side of Maldives. The island offers 5 star facilities and has green vegetation surrounded by beaches. The island is great spot for snorkeling and diving.


The reef has got a banana shape having length of 300 metres from north to south. The reef offers wide variety of aquatic life such as Napoleon Wrasse, Moray Eels and the rare Bannerfish and drift dives. Because of the above specified reasons banana reef is called the one of the best diving sites of Maldives.

So, if you are thinking of visiting Maldives then you must visit all of these places.

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